Free proxy servers, fresh and checked. Hide your IP address, encrypt your data.

Free Proxy API

What is an API?

The acronym "API" stands for "Application Programming Interface". It provides a way for your developers to integrate our technology with your systems.

What is Free Proxy API? provides thousands of free proxy servers. The Free Proxy API allows a user to access the data automatically. The Free Proxy API is free.


The Free Proxy API requires an API key. You can get an API key by Subscription. Once your API key has been activated, you can unsubscribe at any time.


The format for Free Proxy API URL is:{parameters}


All parameters are optional exception where noted.
key API key - Use the key to identify your request. Required - -
format Data format for the response.
  • Valid value: json, text
  • Default value: json
    num Limit the number of results.   50 120
    as Anonymity selector.
  • Valid value: tp, ap, dp, hap
  • Multiple select also works: as=ap,dp,hap
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  • NO YES
    ps Protocol selector.
  • Valid value: http, https, socks4, socks5
  • Multiple select also works: as=http,https
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  • NO YES
    cs Country selector.
  • Valid value: Country Code
  • Multiple select also works: cs=us,ca
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  • NO YES

    Advanced Quota

    When you subscribe successfully, a unique referral link will sent to your email. You can share it to social websites or any other websites and will be rewarded for these links with extra Advanced API quota.

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    Basic API:
    Advanced API:,dp,hap&ps=http,https&cs=us,ca
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